Monday, February 17, 2014

LOST VOICES... In the Church

For some time now my heart has been burdened for young sisters. Their lives are so different than mine at their age.  I bemoaned once that they had so many more conveniences, opportunities and freedom than I did.  But as one politely told me, “We also have many more issues.”  She was right!  So I asked a sweet Thirty-Something sister of mine, a divorced, single mom, and devout Christian, one question: What's on the minds of women your age and what can I as a "seasoned" woman bring to the table that would be helpful?  She responded with a list of topics and questions I hope to address in this blog.. Here’s the first one: Many women attending and serving in our churches have been the victim of rape; have had one or more abortions, or divorces.  How can the church help these wounded women to heal? ...Sister Girl, I pray the following will be helpful

 1.      WHAT YOU CAN DO:
a.      Forgive Yourself! (Rom. 8:1; 38-39; I Cor. 5:17) The only one who can condemn you is God. Find peace in knowing that He doesn’t.
b.      Lose the Shame! (I Peter 2:6; Isaiah 43:25; Rom.12:1-2)) Renew your mind daily with prayer, scripture and meditation.
c.       Choose to Live Free!  (Jer. 29:11; Philippians 3:13-14) Refuse to live in the past. Surrender your life and will to God.
d.      Watch your associations and past times (Prov. 13:20; I Corin. 15:33; Ps. 119:37) Live your life with wisdom.

a.      Provide a safe, nurturing place of acceptance
b.      Start and/or support a “Soul Care” ministry
c.       Don’t criticize or demean women who bravely share their past.
d.      Schedule frequent times of prayer and encouragement specifically for the Emotionally Wounded.

For all, read this excellent article, Eight Ways to Show Hurting People You Care.  Click on this link.


  1. Hello Sis Best,I can related to the young lady, you know that I was a victum of domestic volence from my ex and because of your prayers and phone calls I managed to have a smooth divorce. The young ladies of today do not like to listen. I am still working on my daughter trying to get her to see prayer really work, you would think seeing what I went through with her step father she would know. Love you sister and keep doing what you do. It is working!

    1. That's why my heart hurts...I see them making the same mistakes I did and it brings back those "old" pains. Yet we cannot give up! There are some who "are" listening! God bless you: Don't Give Up! (Matt. 7:7)