Monday, March 17, 2014

WOMAN, Part Two

Last week I challenged blog readers to tell me how they planned to bring femininity back to this generation of females. (March 10th post, Her Name is WOMAN!)  I feel led to clarify and perhaps expand a bit on this point. But first let me share a few responses I received:

A mother of two daughters and grandmother to eight granddaughters gave these suggestions: 1) Start Praying; 2) Show them in the Word who they are; 3) Be an Example before them; 3) Train them in the manner of the Titus 2:3-5 woman “in good behavior, discretion, and things that honor God.”; 4) Be intentional.   When you see young women hurting and struggling take time to uplift them, encourage them, and share the joy of Jesus with them.

Another sister who has been in women’s ministry for many years added these pointers: 1) Take the blinders off; 2) Take a stand!; 3) Spread the word about women issues, i.e., increased sex trafficking. Sadly, politicians and media are more vocal than the church on this; 4) Ask God for specific direction--how you can get involved; 3) Affirm them and help them embrace their unique beauty, size, and color at every opportunity

Thanks ladies, those are good starting points for all of us!  But a greater problem prevails.  I think we have forgotten that True Women are really Titus 2 Women.  We’ve confused culture’s pressure on women to assert themselves to assure equality with men with perceived weakness when we insist on being treated as a female!  And get this, when we get treated like men we cry out that we get NO RESPECT!  We can still lead corporations, excel in our careers, and yes, level the playing field in society without sacrificing our femininity. God has given us incredible power and we’ve been wasting it!  It’s called INFLUENCE!  It’s that mystery that lies behind the cliché that behind every great man there’s a greater woman! It explains why Michelle Obama’s popularity is higher than the President’s and why Monica Lewinsky’s name will forever blemish the presidential record of Bill Clinton in history!!!  

It starts with accepting that we are not inferior but different than men! (Genesis 2:23) that’s recognizing our value and using the tools God has given us to get things done His way!! It culminates in the realization that one day we will be judged on how we exploited this difference for good or evil (2 Corinthians 5:10). Steve Harvey is no theologian but I think he said it right, We've got to "Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Man!" when it comes to capitalizing on our godly strengths.

 I’ll speak more on this in next week’s blog entitled:  FEMINIZING OR SEXUALIZING? In the meantime, Keep Praying,  Keep Reading the Word, but most important Keep Modeling what the Word is saying!

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