Monday, April 7, 2014

Thank God for BOSSY Women!

Bossy is the other B-word, Sheryl Sandberg says in a recent Wall Street Journal article and shouldn’t be used to describe little girls who are confident and show leadership.  Since then she has started a public service campaign to get rid of the word!  She goes on to say, when a boy asserts himself, society calls him a leader. When a girl does it, she is called bossy.

Hmmm…I understand this word can have a negative connotation…but I think Sheryl would do well to read God’s WORD!  I found some pretty Bossy women in there and it didn’t hurt their success at all.  In fact, they achieved some pretty astounding things.  Take Zipporah, Moses’ wife in Exodus 4:25-26.  As men often do, Moses forgot an important detail when he fled Egypt.  He forgot to circumcise his baby son to honor God’s covenant with Abraham. God’s anger was kindled against Moses and to save her husband’s life, Zipporah quickly sprang into action and did the deed herself.  Result: Moses got the Israelites to the Promise Land and we now have the Ten Commandments.

How about Naomi in the book of Ruth who refused widows’ wages (ancient welfare) but schooled beautiful Ruth step by step on how to attract and catch a man of means for future security thus creating the bloodline that brought our Savior in the world? (Ruth 3: 3-4).   Abigail gave orders that saved the lives of her household after foolish Nabal’s disrespect of David and became the wife of a King (I Samuel 25:18-25). And Esther made the Persian palace her command center for months to rescue an entire Jewish race from annihilation. (Esther 4-8). She even had her uncle Mordecai stepping!  And there are so many more.  

I thank God for Bossy women! One raised me!  Being bossy simply means taking charge when things need to get done but recognizing whose truly in charge—our Almighty and Sovereign God.  All must be for His glory!  Ladies, Bossy is in our spiritual DNA.   We were already chosen to be God’s own children by Christ. This was done just like the plan He had.  We who were the first to put our trust in Christ should thank Him for His greatness. (Eph. 1:11-12 NLT).   So BOSSY Women everywhere… CHARGE!!!!

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