Sunday, June 29, 2014


Habakkuk 3:19 ...He makes me walk on my high hills

I've heard it said that one should never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes.  I've never felt the truth of that so profoundly as I did this weekend after attending a thought-provoking and incredibly inspiring women's ministry event at my church.  I pray that some of the other sisters there felt that way too!

 I've never thought myself better than anyone else, Lord knows I've had my struggles with low self-esteem.  But I bet I'm not alone, in looking at another sister and saying, well at least I don't have that problem or conversely, she's got it made--beautiful body, fine house, and good paying job!   In both cases we're making assumptions based on what we see on the outside (I Sam. 16:7).  We have no idea what these women are going through in their personal lives or their pain!

This was the thought behind a dialogue shared by five dynamic women of God, all walking victoriously in Christ.  In the manner of the talk shows (The Talk, The View, The Chew),these ladies gave us what was aptly called a Shoe Vu of their lives before and after Christ.  They bared their souls to let us know that neither abandonment, weight, addiction, aging, domestic violence, nor issues with their complexion could keep them from the love of God and all of His wonderful benefits!  (Rom. 8:1; 39; Ephes. 1:3-6)

One sister struggled for years with a drug addiction and now sober reaches out to other women with  practical encouragement and God's message of redeeming grace.  Another no longer carries the burden of extra pounds and emotional trauma that prevented a healthy and joyous life with her child but shed them both to find new opportunities in ministry.  She was on the team that organized this event!

Red was the shoe color of a past domestic violence victim but the love that once bruised her body lights a fire in her to help other women reclaim their respect and dignity.  Who would have thought that a light-skinned sister would feel so trapped!  Too black to be considered white but too white to really be accepted as black!  Colorism did not stop her stride toward the freedom of knowing that she is fearfully and wondrously made with purpose and passion!   Silver shoes, brilliant in color and sturdy in structure personified the wisdom and grace our seasoned saint portrayed.  Age does not keep her from serving, learning, and embracing travel and cultural experiences that have come her way.  She made nearly 75 years old,  seen oh so more appealing.

So for all you Shoe Addicts out there, try these on for size:

1. Unstrap those Holier than thou stilettos the ones that keeps your nose up in the air
2.  Step into some Sensible sandals so you can bear another's burden
3.  Change your Athletic shoes often as you run to serve others
4.  Give a Sister some Sincere Pumps when she's feeling down


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