Sunday, May 8, 2016

SAY MY NAME! Timeless Truths From Unnamed Women in the Bible, Part One

Before I formed you in the belly
I knew thee...(Jer. 1:5)
Recently, I spent five incredible mornings, hosting my church's week day 6:30 am prayer  line!  Meeting with brothers and sisters that early in the morning with praises and prayers in their hearts has been a special delight for me. It has also become a Spiritual life line for many facing incredible challenges ... including myself!

Since Mothers Day was soon approaching, I just had to give a shout out to these paragons of strength and courage, so I turned to God's Word for inspiration! 

Knowing that the virtues of Mary, Hannah, Deborah, Rachel and the like, would find their way over the pulpits on Sunday, I began a search of Unnamed Women!  Women who often get lost between the pages of Holy Writ.  Unsung heroines, with spotty reputations and less than virtuous lives.  Women whose spirits spoke to my spirit, because my life ain't  been no prayer book either! 

 As I turned the pages, they said to me... Say My Name, I'm a Mother too!  I cried, I sacrificed, I nurtured, I counseled...Won't you tell My story? And I said... I will... so for any one willing to read and learn, hear now the voice of:

A CONCERNED MOTHER - The Syro-phonecian Woman - Matthew 15:21-28

Do you have a child hooked on the modern demons of our time: drugs, sex, alcohol and violence? Life styles so horrible and degrading that you can't believe they came from your womb? What would you do to save his or her life? Take a cue from this Mom: alone (we don't know where daddy is?), unchurched, unsophisticated, considered a low-life to some,  willing to step up in the very face of Jesus to ask for help...what gall!  As you read the chronicles, it appears Jesus initially ignores her..He doesn't say a word.  She goes to the disciples, more aggressive in her pleas...they try to get rid of her. Finally they ask Jesus to dismiss her, putting an end to the matter! But nothing will deter her, she doesn't give up!  Call me what you want, just help my child, she cries! Finally, her persistence pays off and her child was not only healed, but her faith was rewarded.  And although she still remains unnamed, her story is forever recorded in the bible to give concerned mothers everywhere hope!


1.  Be Prayerful - Never give up on your child - Ask, Seek, Knock..Matthew 7:7

2. Be Persistent - Delay doesn't mean Denial! - Ephesians 6:18; Luke 18:1-8

3.  Be Humble - Do not be arrogant in your request, God owes you nothing! James 4:6


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