Monday, November 28, 2016

IT'S ALL IN THE GUMBO, Questions From My Sisters, Part Two

Taste and see that the
Lord is good...(Ps. 34:8)
Hello Readers, If you've been checking in regu-larly, you know I'm doing a series on life questions generated by attendees of our women's min-istry's Sistah Talk a couple of weeks ago. 

 Two questions were under consideration in last week's blog:

1.  How do you stay married when the love is gone?

2.  Christian dating and Celibacy (Is this out of the question today?)

Both of these by all accounts can be very, very complex! Regarding the first...NO two marriages are alike! Briefly, here's what Christian counselors advise (and I can personally vouch for!)  Marriage has more to do with COMMITMENT than what the world calls LOVE these days!

 Every marriage has its seasons or stages that shift and change intermittently the longer you are in it! It is unrealistic to think that things will always stay the same and at the same level--there's just too many variables.   Also, one  must understand from the biblical perspective that there are different kinds of love:  Eros (passion and lust); Phileo (brotherly platonic); Storge (family and friendship) and Agape (unconditional--seeing beyond faults).

 For Christians, the goal should always be AGAPE, the same kind Christ shows His children ( I Corinthians 13).  This is the long-lasting, sustaining (when the fire goes out) kind of love that grows into a strong and secure relationship.  Agape takes the vital elements of Eros and Phileo and matures it into an intimate bond that can withstand just about anything--even physical death! So the love the poser is talking about may not have gone away..but has likely morphed into another stage.  Good news is that with Agape love and a little intentionality on their part it could be as good or better than what she is now desiring!! 

Question two:  Christian dating and celibacy--the impossible dream????  Now, here's my wake up call from Sistah Talk:  Our Young Adult panelist schooled us to the fact that the dynamics of dating for young people are way different than in older saints' day!  They now have the capability through social media, to pick, choose, and then hook-up with little fanfare if all are in agreement! I took that to mean sexually or non-sexually! 

Admittedly, the pressure for Christian singles of all ages to remain celibate gets tough, but it's a lie from the pit of hell, that it's impossible to do so!  Even if you are not inclined to follow biblical wisdom, from a practical standpoint --sex outside of marriage doesn't make sense!  Disease, unwanted births, added financial burdens, and the stress of parenting without the emotional support needed for both parent and child are only a few drawbacks!  And then too, where's that love, commitment and responsibility that God requires of us in any relationship?  (Micah 6:8) No! it's not out of the question just a sacrifice that proves  transformation rather conformation to the world!  You worship God with your body! (Romans 12:1-2) It's best to find out before you're too far into a relationship if the person you're dating believes you and God are worth the sacrifice!

Here's Two More for you to think about this week:

1.  Women couldn't come together and elect a woman president.
 How can we unite in church to achieve God's goals?

2.  What can we do about "cyber" bullying on Facebook, Twitter and other mediums?

(Again, I do welcome your input so follow the instruction in "red" below)


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