Tuesday, June 26, 2018

POLITICS AND RELIGION: Becoming Strange Bedfellows!!

It's been said that money, politics, and religion should never be discussed in polite conversation!  I don't want to be rude but I've just got to say something about what's happening in our country today! I'm appalled, saddened, and quite frankly confused!

A confession is needed here:  Since the 2016  U.S. Presidential Elections, I've tried hard to not get emotionally embroiled in the fall-out of Donald Trump's rise to the highest office of our land! Between the lies, constant media reporting of Talking Heads, and the president's insane comments and twitter rages... I just can't take it!  I do have to tell you that God has heard plenty from me concerning it all.  

Perhaps like me (a Bible reading and believing Christian) you find yourself asking this question:  How can many Conservative Evangelicals actively and vocally support Trump's political base? 

 I took a break from escapism to do some research.  Here's what a few prominent and influential Christian Evangelicals  are saying about the current administration.  People like Tony Perkins, head of The Family Research Council; Robert Jeffress, Southern Baptist Pastor and  member of Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board; Rev. Franklin Graham and his sister, Evangelist Ann Graham Lotz (a woman I've long-admired); Rev. David Jeremiah and many others have offered these responses:
  • Tony Perkins, regarding the president's alleged sexual affair and cover-up with Stormy Daniels: "He gets a  'Mulligan' (do over) if its true.  Evangelical conservatives are willing to overlook Trump's past behavior so long as he delivers for them on policy."
  • Robert Jeffress: "Evangelicals knew they weren't voting for an 'altar boy' when they cast their ballots in 2016. We supported him because of his policies and his strong leadership."
  • Franklin Graham: "We certainly don't hold him up as the pastor of this country, and he's not. But I appreciate the fact that the president does have a concern to protect Christians-whether it's here at home or around the world-and I appreciate the fact the he protects religious liberty and freedom."
  • Ann Graham Lotz (on recent 700 Club airing and summarized as follows): I am encouraged by the current leadership of this president.  His polices have been astoundingly supportive of Christian values.  Yes, there are issues in the way he expresses himself but he's in a dangerous position. I believe the enemies of Christ are trying to tear him apart. My applause and prayers are with him.
I want to be perfectly clear.  I am in no way demeaning any of the above.  If they are really Christians they are my brothers and sisters and I am commanded to love them (I John 3:14-16; Rom. 12:18).  They have the right to vote for whomever they choose but somewhere there is confusion either about what the Bible really says or their views on what Makes America Great Again!  

Yes, Trump has been on the right side of the Bible in the area of: Pro-life, Religious Freedom, His stance on Israel and his role as a leader to protect this country from invading forces.  Although admittedly he and congress would be wise to introduce "prayer" in their strategy for developing a fair and humane immigration policy. 

But here is where I think Some and I have to keep saying Some, because All Conservative Evangelicals have not been sipping,  Trump's Kool-aid, are misinterpreting the heart of scripture:

-- Trump is president because God wanted him there...not because Republicans put him there.  So don't think that any political party can wield the necessary power of transforming the sin condition of America through legislation and/or policy!  Only prayer, the undiluted truth of God's Word, and a desire for Repentance will do that (2 Chronicles 7:14)

-- We can never say that the personal morality of a nation's leader doesn't matter as long as his policies are in the right place!  I voted for Clinton the first time around but did not the second because of moral reasons.  I voted for Obama both times but have been grossly disappointed in his back-peddling on key moral issues I probably would not vote for him again.  Both of these presidents had policies that helped African-Americans and poor people in general socially but none of those policies made for  a more righteous nation.....They Didn't Make America Great!  

Proverbs 14:34 says:  Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people!  
  • Why aren't we praying for Donald Trump's soul rather than his politics?
  • Why have we been reluctant to  call out sin in the White House, the House of Representatives, and even the Church House? If Christians are radically and racially  divisive over important issues how can we influence others? A house divided cannot stand (Mark 3:25)
  • Where are the Witnesses of Acts 1:8?  Our commission is to go out into our Jerusalem (homes), Judea (Communities), and Samaria (Nations)  preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but when the World  (the unsaved brown people from other countries) comes to our doorstep we turn them away! Opting to allow only those to enter that we deem deserving!

Now is the time to obey God with a true Christian heart 
 and Kick Biased Politics and False Religiosity Out of Our Beds!
Pray Children Pray that when Jesus comes 
we'll be on the right side of both!!


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