Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A GOVERNMENT YOU CAN TRUST: It's Not Just About Politics!

The Biblical Role of Civil Government

To maintain a safe, just, righteous, and compassionately responsible environment for freedom to flourish - Dr. Tony Evans, Kingdom Politics Sermon Series 

With the world watching, 43 U.S. senators voted to acquit and 57 senators voted to convict a former president of the United States on charges of insurrection.  Sixty-seven votes, a two-thirds majority was needed for a conviction.  Although those who voted to acquit admitted the evidence was factual; the president was guilty; his actions and conduct despicable even dangerous to U.S. citizens and this country...they acquitted him any way!


Humans have been trying to get it right....this idea of human government for thousands of years and we've botched it every time.  

For quite some time, I've been juggling mainstream media with the Word of God to gain insight into this political mess we find ourselves in.  This is my way of managing my emotions and keeping a godly focus. What I’m finding is that the parallels between present day events and bible history are astonishing! 

BIBLE REWIND:  I Samuel chapters 8-10. God's people, the Israelites make a power move that puts them on a course of unending failure and disappointment.  Disillusioned with theocracy (a government ruled by priests or judges in the name of God) they ask for a king (I Samuel 8:1-5). They wanted a political system of government in which a person or family ruled--a monarchy.

They felt they had good reasons to complain.  After all, time and time again they were on the losing end of leadership failures of every kind (see the Book of Judges). Even their current leaders, sons of Samuel the priest were immoral and corrupt.  Yet their belief in  flawed humans rather than God remained unshakable.  And like today, their faith it turned out to be a case of false hope.   A sick heart  just doesn't get better without repentance (Jeremiah 17:9). 

In the Bible you'll see that God granted their wish, but as usual the people chose unwisely. They wanted someone who fit their ideal rather than God's.  They wanted status, social, and economic stability regardless of the cost (I Samuel 8:11-20)  They chose Saul, someone who later became so consumed with power that he turned into a maniac. His behavior became so erratic and outrageous that God rejected him as king. He refused to accept this decision and spiraled down into a cesspool of anger, lies, and deceit. (I Samuel 18-20)  Sound familiar?

God replaced Saul with David, a man after His own heart (I Samuel 13:14). But David’s reign like all others after him were traumatic with much political fall-out!  The Old Testament records David's failures as well as those of every king that followed.  David's abuse of power and struggles with pride are well known but far from rare. (II Samuel  3:1-39; 12:7; and I Chronicles 21:6).  Even his own son plotted an insurrection against his kingdom (II Samuel 15:1-20:22).

FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT:  Debates continue between proponents of bigger government (too intrusive and liberal for conservatives' taste) and those wanting smaller government in order to protect their personal rights and freedoms but are not as diverse ethnically or economically. Which is best for our country?  Neither side has demonstrated they can solve the societal ills entrenched in our nation’s history.  The angry and sometimes violent protests shown last year tell us that people are frustrated on both sides. 

Truth is getting harder and harder to recognize.  Promises made to get our vote rarely kept. And everyone is pushing some kind of hidden political agenda. Look again at Tony Evans’ definition of the Biblical role of civil government. To maintain an environment of peace, righteousness, compassion, and freedom.  So far we've seen very little of this in our government but don't be discouraged.


There is a government coming that can be trusted --It is the 1000 year Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ. It has only one Ruler, the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is not dominated by any particular political party, only those He chooses to reign with Him.  There is no need for P.A.C.s, ( political action committees) to raise money or awareness for special interests. No courts or protest marches to litigate practices of injustice because all will be treated fairly.  There will be prevailing peace because Satan will be bound the entire time.  People will be healthier, the environment cleaner, and everyone will be held accountable for their actions!  

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What we are experiencing now is not as historically shocking as portrayed.  It was prophesied thousands of years ago. We only have to look at the bible and world history to see it coming.  We don't need impeachment trials or special investigations to root out these derelicts. We all know who they are.  They are not as ignorant or blind to the facts as they pretend,  just prideful and selfish. 

What is the message that God is sending?  If we miss it this time what will come next?  God's message is clear!  It is timely and it is purposeful.  It shows without a shadow of doubt that mankind is incapable of governing ourselves without God's help. He is preparing hearts and raising up witnesses to tell the world to Surrender and Turn To Him!  The Solution to corrupt governments here and abroad is already here:

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given,
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor,
Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of His government and peace
There will be no end. (Isaiah 9:6-7a)


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  1. God created and instituted government and to that end we, as His children, must live under His rules to have a peaceful society.