Monday, March 2, 2015

Sum of All Fears In America, AGING!

I just recently returned from a quick trip to my home town for yet another funeral! My second one in as many weeks and I've another one that's being planned for this coming weekend.   It will not be my last.

I made a comment to my brother that this seems to be all I'm doing lately, now that I've become a woman of a certain age.  It's just a fact of life.  Our bodies begin to die as soon as we're born!

Still, I'm not about to let this throw me into a Perpetual Funk or what I'm observing in America, Paralyzing Fear!  I'm all about living this abundant life that God has given me (John 10:10) and if it comes with some gray thinning hair, a few aches and wrinkles so be it!

To all my younger readers, wisdom is crying out to you today!  Aging is a battle you're never going to win!  I don't care how many sets of false eye lashes you put on; the gallons of hair rinse and weaves you invest in or the tons of make up you put on.  Time and gravity will have its way!

Whatever happened to the goal of growing older gracefully?  Appreciating that maturity bring with it a substance and flavor to life that many will never know because they have lived so foolishly and recklessly!  American culture is selling us a bill of goods and we're paying steep prices for a cheap product!

The models and glamour icons thrown up in videos and glossy magazines are nothing more than air brushed facsimiles (reproductions) of the real women you could become! Radiant in your uniqueness! Authentically and joyfully YOU (Prov. 31:30; I Peter 1:24).   Yeah baby!  You better take those selfies if for nothing more than historical perpetuity because contrary to popular opinion: Black does crack! 

Today, I'm giving it up for those of us who are brave enough and secure enough to take life just the way the Good Lord is giving it!  For those who understand that real significance, worth and value comes not from  expensive bottles of anti-aging creams but from the Bible.   

Ain't Gonna Lie to You though, growing older is not for punks!  There are health risks that come about specifically with aging and they can be scary.  But also read the obituaries in your local paper--there are as many young people dying as older ones, so the risk is just about the same!

Here are some Life Lessons I think or worth sharing:

> Gray hair I can be a crown of splendor and righteous living not just stress and age (Prov. 16:31; 20:29)

> Don't waste life on selfish pursuits.  Be careful of the bridges you burn because one day you're going to need somebody's help (Ecc. 7:15-18)

> Learn to live NOW, trusting God for everything because in the end His promises are all you will have left.  (Psalms 37:25) 

> Stop wasting time, grieving over what you used to look like. Be thankful for what you have now. (I Thess. 5:18)

(Good and Bad, this is my Testimony)


Until Next Time....


  1. Thank you for another timely post.

  2. God bless you Cuz! Remember to Praise God in Your season....He's so worthy!