Friday, June 28, 2019


John 8:35 (NIV)
Truth seems nothing more than a buzz word nowadays! It can be quite confusing to understand what is factual, if you don't listen carefully to the multiple nuances one is conveying.
That's why after most interviews, media commentators do a "fact check!" to delineate true statements from lies. 

Today, we hear a lot about this idea of Personal Truth.  This is based on one's tangible experiences or even what a person believes to be true about themselves.  This particular truth is hard to debate when it comes up in a conversation.  Whether you accept it as true or not, you are not them. You don't feel what they feel.  You don't live it.  You can't know all the facets that brings them to their conclusions! Therefore no amount of logic or proof will make a difference until that person allows it to be considered.

There is Perceived Truth.  This one is tricky!  It can actually be a plain LIE!  We are quite familiar with its tentacles however as it is manifested in stereotypical attitudes, racism, ageism, phobias and fears of every kind.  Its validity comes from adhering to the rhetoric of supposed experts.  When combined with personal truth, perceived truth becomes in the mind of the proponent irrefutable!

Then of course there is the deliberate and malicious manipulation of truth! Our advance technology and desire for cutting edge,  in-depth knowledge provide fertile ground for seeds of deception, i.e.,  Fake News, DeepFakes, and Spoofing. 

Robocalls are something we all agree is a pain in the butt.  No matter how many Stop Calls websites or numbers you use, scammers still call your number!   Imagine my surprise last week when in the flurry of rob calls, I saw my own name and telephone number on my Caller ID.  It had been spoofed by a scammer!  (I  prayed I would not receive angry calls from people I knew,  thinking it was me!)

There may be little I can do about robo calls, but I do have a strategy that keeps me safe from Biblical and cultural liars!  I need only to remember a few basics principles concerning human nature or just refer to God's Word!  These are simple but powerful reminders!


1)  The Bible is the standard for ALL truth - it never changes!  What was true about sin, human nature, and consequences then applies now!  (2 Timothy 3:16; John 17:17)

2) Just because you're sincere about a thing doesn't mean it is right! (Proverbs. 14:12)

3) Your feelings, as strong and heart-felt as they may be is no indicator of who
you truly are!  Feelings cannot be exalted over God's Word! They are gauges not guides! (Judges 21:25)

4) If you're saved, Holy Spirit conviction is more reliable than societal pressure or scientific data! Learn to listen to the Power within! (John 8:35; John 16:8; Hebrews 4:12)


1) If you don't recognize the face at your door...don't open it! 

2)  Never give out personal information on the telephone or on surveys to unverified solicitors!

3) If you don't recognize the telephone number on your home or cell phone don't answer it) 
4)  If it sounds too good to be probably is!  God gives even unsaved people a bit of wisdom. 

5)  Don't be swayed by emotionalism - scammers have no qualms using children, perceived handicaps, or sob stories to lie to you and exploit your kindness.



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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


When my mother and father
forsake me the Lord will 
receive me. (Psalm 27:10)

Sometimes when I am incredibly busy or not particularly inspired to compose a blog post, I'll read through older ones and do a reprint.  I tried that this time but it didn't work!

I really wanted to say something about Father's day and after six years of  blogging was surprised that I couldn't find a single post dedicated to the theme of fathers!  Not even a weak hint of sentimentality to honor the day.

I wondered if other sisters were like me.  Nursing Father wounds, having no significant relationship with their Dads and finding the celebration of Father's Day hard?  To make things worse, I didn't even grow up with a viable substitute.  No step dad, doting uncle, grand father was in my life.   I was for all practical purposes,  fatherless for many years.

Of course after awhile I learned to deflect these empty feelings to my sons,  encouraging them to remember their Dad on this day and reminding my grand children to remember their own fathers.  I also send cards to my brothers each year.  But personally, Father's day had become for me a non-event!

My father has been dead 37 years.  I've worked through the sadness of his mortal passing but occasionally grieve what he could have been in my life!  I didn't like him much when he was alive, but with maturity learned to respect and appreciate his vital part in my existence.

I've long forgiven him for his deficiencies as a loving, supportive husband, and nurturing caregiver to his children.  I have even summoned up compassion for what I perceived as his gross neglect of fatherly responsibilities.  It is true, a person cannot give what they don't have! Yet inside of me was the yearning to be a Daddy's Girl!

Well here's the good news in this sad saga!  I finally found the Father, that I've always wanted! 

  • He's Ever Present (Hebrews 13:5; Psalm 27:10 )- No Deadbeat or Absentee Dad!
  • He's a Mighty Protector (Isaiah 43:2-3; Proverbs 3:12) - No Bully dare oppress me!
  • He's a Faithful Provider (Psalms 24:1; Philippians 4:19 ) - Never missed a support payment!
  • He Delights in Me (Isaiah 43:4; Zephaniah 3:17 - I'm the apple of His eye!
  • He Loves me Unconditionally (Luke 15:20-24; Romans 5:6-8) - I never worry my faults will turn Him away!
  • He Enjoys my Company (I Corinthians 1:9; Psalm 116:1; I John 5:14) - I can call Him any time and talk to Him about anything for as long as I want!
When I stopped brooding over the biological father I had and embraced my true Father in heaven, I learned to appreciate the multitude of blessings He provides.  I celebrate the times we sing and dance together.  Our talks in the middle of the night.  Our long and glorious walks through every season and the joy He brings to what could be a dull and mundane life!  I AM NOT FATHER-LESS, I AM FATHER-FILLED (Psalm 68:5)

Now I can wake up every day, open my curtains and say to the sun,
Good Morning DAD...



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