Monday, February 29, 2016

Praying Predators Out of Our Classrooms!

Pray without Ceasing (I Thess. 5:17)
By a show of many of you are tired of hearing about sexual and violent predators in our school systems?  Every day when we send our children to school we expose them to the possibility of physical and sexual attacks.  From the time they leave our homes and board the bus until they return to us exhausted from a day of dodging name callers and bullies and sexual perverts throughout their school we ought to be praying!

Worse of all, one of our greatest fears have now manifested!  Those who we thought were their Protectors (teachers, principals, coaches, counselors) have now joined these School Room Terrorists!  In my local area alone, in less than six months, criminal charges have been brought against a daycare worker who molested a four year old; a female high school counselor for sexual seduction; use of social media by two other school authority figures for sexting to underage children, and it goes on and on!

Males and females, all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds (Yes, even parents who thought they could avoid such things by enrolling their children in expensive private schools are getting a wake up call) Adults with privileged authority positions are getting their sexual freak on at the expense of your children and mine and it has to stop!

Listen, I know I'm not telling you anything you don't know already.  Media as much as a culprit as it can be for fanning the flames of sin, has reported on the issue for years!  Parents  just don't seem to get it!  Politicians don't get it! School bureaucrats are too concerned with standardized testing and keeping enrollment up for federal funding, so they don't get it! But we Christians should...we need to cover our children and their schools daily with prayer!

I'm not just ranting from recent news headlines.  I've been saying and doing this for years...every since my own now adult children were young and have now begun to face this as a full-blown crisis with their own children! Don't be fooled...PRAYER STILL WORKS!  IF NOT IMMEDIATELY FOR THIS BROKEN EDUCATION SYSTEM...FOR YOUR CHILDREN PERSONALLY!

Things You Can Do Right Now to Pray out Predators:

  • AT HOME:
Talk to your children.  Not just about homework, sports, and school events that affect your personal schedule and money, but about their social interactions.  AskHow was your day? Who are your school pals?  At lunch do you eat alone or have a favorite group of people you eat with?  Is there anyone you try to avoid?  Has anyone (teacher or student) said or done anything to you personally that you don't feel comfortable with?  Then help them work out a plan to address any issues in the security and privacy of the home.
Get up a few minutes early (better yet, prepare for school the night before like we Old Schoolers used to do) so you can have time to pray with them before they start their day.  It's important for them to know and hear you talk to God; to  hear you asking Him to protect them; to watch over them; help them when they need it, or just to have a good and pleasant experience while away. 
Be Involved. Don't be a stranger.  Some parents only show up at school when there's a parent/teacher conference or some trouble is brewing that threatens their child's suspension or expulsion!  Make unannounced visits to your child's school and classroom.  This is your right as a tax payer and parent to know what is going on there.  A visibly, involved parent helps to bring accountability to both the school administration and to your child.  It strengthen the relationship between home and school and provides a team that works to help them do their best!  Be an advocate for your child by knowing what's going on and being part of the solution, not the problem, by being involved in programs, policies, and protests if necessary.  Be vigilant.  Let them know...ONE, TWO, THREE..eyes on me (get their attention) and ONE, TWO, my eyes are on you! (accountability).

Make sure your child knows their student rights and how to contact you if there's a problem.  Tell them not to try to confront or solve violations on their own. Respect for authority is crucial, but let's be honest sometimes there is abuse in authority.  Make sure your child knows which boundaries should not be crossed and what actions you will support or not. Disrespecting, cussing, physical attacks, inappropriate touching, texts, pictures etc.; anything that puts them in danger should not be tolerated, from either a teacher or student.

Danger can exist before your child arrives at school.  Predators and bullies know when your child is going to be alone and vulnerable.  The times they arrive at the bus stop.  How far they have to walk to their homes.  Account for those times and make sure your child is protected. (some parents wait at the bus stops in their cars or arrange with other parents to attend to this)  If you are an at-home or retired person with children in the neighborhood.  Occasionally, look out the window when the bus comes and be ready to alert someone if you see something strange going on.

Adopt-a-School to pray for:  I've done this for a number of years.  I pray consistently for the schools in my neighborhood.  The ones I pass on my routine walks or errands.  The ones my  grandchildren attend and even the colleges where I have family members employed!  (College campus alerts have increased due to mass shootings so they too have become danger zones). 

Violent and Sexual Sin is rampant!  No you won't be able to protect your child from every horrible circumstance that we hear about!  But this I know.  We can raise informed and alert children.  We can instill in them the love and security of a vigilant parent or grandparent who puts their safety before their own personal schedule and concerns.  We can consistently pray!!!!

(So, Pray without Ceasing, I Thessalonians 5:17)


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

What VALENTINE'S DAY Won't Fix...

Love never Fails... (I Cor. 13:8a)
By the time you read this, Valentine's Day will most likely be a fond but fading memory!  The roses may last a few more days, still fragrant, but petals already beginning to fade, especially if they're the cheap ones from the grocery store.

 The first few pieces of chocolates were wonderful, but then the guilt begins to set in....didn't I give up sweets for Lent?  The card was beautiful...expensive too, but pretty soon, it will find its way into the drawer or a box with all the other Birthday, Mother's Day and Anniversary keepsakes!

  There you have it, another Hallmark holiday hyped up for weeks, over and forgotten in just ONE day!  That's why my hubby and I decided years ago that we wouldn't wait until February 14th to celebrate our love.  We'll do that every day for the rest of our lives regardless what the calendar says!

You see, contrary to popular opinion, real  love takes a commitment that can outlast all the bad times that find their way into every marriage.  And let me tell you when they do come, they can be so devastating that Valentine's Day just won't fix it!!

Here are a few examples:


1. Lack of attention or affection the other 364 days of the year  - Married or single if your significant other hasn't invested time, energy, and creativity in keeping your  love tank full, before this day, one hit on February 14th ain't gonna do it!

2.  Hurtful words that can't be taken back - Whoever said that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you, was a big fat liar!  Critical words, angry words, cruel jokes, and demeaning words, all carry blows to the heart that leaves scars for years and years. While two other words, I'm sorry and an expensive gift is a good start, spoken insincerely or as a way to get out of the dog house, means nothing!

3.  Chronic bad behavior - Don't tell me you love me, but don't try to change what you know is hurting our relationship!  I've heard it said, that a man WILL change, but there's only one woman he'll change for!  Some are wondering if we're that woman, because we're not seeing any changes.  Real love will bring a transformation, not a holiday pass until the next time, I mess up!

That's why my husband and I after almost a half- century together have agreed to look at Valentine's Day from another perspective.   What Valentine's Day won't fix...Christ's love will! 


1. When I'm not being affirmed by my husband the way I want... I think of Christ's love for me!  There is absolutely nothing that compares to it and not even heaven and earth can separate me from it.  (Romans 8:37-39)  It is everlasting and satisfying beyond my imagination, (Jeremiah 31:3)

2. When harsh words cut deeply...I taste the bitter words that have come from my own lips, and remember, Ephes. 4:29-32, Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you. 

3. When the bad behavior seems to never cease... I fall to my knees in humility and pray for the patience and long suffering that was shown to me.  For God demonstrated His love for me, that while I was yet sinning, Christ died for me! (paraphrase of Romans. 5:8) 

Valentine's Day may be only a day on the calendar,  coming but once a year...but Love is all year around and never fails!


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Monday, February 1, 2016

KEYS TO A BLESSED LIFE: Scripture Memorization Part 2 -Tips & Resources

Hello Readers.  Thanks for all the wonderful feedback from last week's post.  As promised, I'm back again with just a little bit more encouragement to help you get Back to the Basics of Bible reading for a blessed life!

What I have to share with you will help you get started, but by no means will do the work for you.  Scripture memorization takes discipline and practice to be successful!  So with this note of caution, let's continue with some tips I've found and some resources that just might keep you motivated:


1.  Memorize verses from a bible translation you are most familiar with. I use a variety of translations for bible study but for memorization the KJV, King James Version is my favorite because it is the bible of my youth-the one I grew up with in Sunday school and VBS where I first learned to memorize.

2.  Start with verses that have a special meaning to you or relates to what's going in your life right now!  I have special "go to" verses to keep me encouraged, or when I need to make critical decisions and even to reduce anxiety in my life.  The Spirit counsels and comforts me with them like no other!

3.  Memorize only a few verses at a time- short ones-but enough to get a sense of what God is telling you through them.  Memorize when you're at your best mentally and physically.  We all have a peak time of energy. If possible work memorization time in before your body starts cycling down.

4.  Review verses often.  What you don't repeat and/or practice you'll lose.  Use your personal learning style.  If you're an auditory learner, say it out loud or record and listen to the verses when and wherever it is safe to do so.  If you are a visual learner or a hands on (tactile kinesthetic), write the verses out on index cards.  Keep them in your purse, pocket, to review during "wait time" in your day or scheduled work breaks.

5.  Be creative.  Set verses to music using a familiar tune or make up one.  Clap your hands in a rhythmic way, or even do exercises like jump rope or jogging for an added physical benefit. If it works for you, it's working! 

6. Memorize word for word.  Accuracy is important to context and context is important for correct meaning.  Don't forget to memorize the verses' "address".  The book, chapter, and number.  Include it every time you practice.  Make a sandwich, ex:  John 3:16 (address) then For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son...(verse) then: John 3:16 (address).

7.  Repeat!  Repeat!  Repeat! Use post-it notes, cards, etc. put on refrigerator, bathroom mirror, any and everywhere you can see and repeat!

Additionally, keep this in mind:  Make sure you are memorizing for the right reasons-spiritual ones and not just to impress others.  Pride sets in easily once you become proficient. Your purpose is for spiritual growth.  If you're only learning for sheer magnitude you're defeated already.  Besides for every scripture you learn, you're accountable to the Lord to obey!!!!

Speaking of accountability- involve a partner: friend, spouse, family member to reduce the tedium and also to share the spiritual fruit you'll be gaining! 


  •  - a free online  site with no software to  download.  Tracks your progress, memorize at your own pace, available for IPhones and IPads
  • - Based on the Psalms 119 principles with print out scripture pages and schedule.
  • Book: 100 Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart, Robert J. Morgan.  Available on Amazon for $10.64 or for $8.99 (Notes, verse explanations, quotes and memorization tips.)


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