Thursday, May 17, 2018

THE POWER OF FAMILY Series: The Church!

"Upon this rock I will build my
church and the gates of hell shall

 not prevail against it."
Matt. 16:18 (KJV)
In every war no matter how strong the army, you always need an ally.  For the Christian family that ally is the church! The Ecclesia, the Bible calls it -- a called out body of Believers to come alongside you to help you know God and grow you up in His Word.

Every family needs some place to heal, to rejoice, to gain strength and courage to keep fighting for peace, justice and righteousness! The Lord Who supplies every need has provided us such a place (Philippians 1:19).   So are you surprised that the Enemy of Christ is targeting this fortress for attack?  I'm not!

In earlier posts, I mentioned how ruthless and shrewdly the Devil, our enemy works!  He is thoughtful, strategic, and lethal in his attacks to put a wedge between husband and wives. Once he has destroyed this unity, the vulnerable children become the next target.  He tries to confuse our minds, with modern day rhetoric that teaches empowerment is in possessions, status, and personal fulfillment.

He inflames the passions of our flesh to seek pleasure (wherever and with whomever it may be found) over commitment to God's truth.   Every area of our lives is an attempt to infiltrate us with his lies (John 8:44) and he uses the world's culture to justify every move.  The mind, the flesh, and the world. These are his favorite and most successful combat zones.  But one battle ground that  he will never conquer is the True Church of Jesus Christ (Matt. 16:18)!  Still that doesn't mean he won't keep trying to disillusion and keep families away!  Look at some his lies:

­čĹ┐Churches are filled with Hypocrites!

Are there hypocrites in the church?  You darn betcha!... Are they
Christians?...No!  The beauty of our church is that everyone is welcome to come, hear the truth of God's word and repent of their sins.  It is not God's will that anyone perish (I Timothy 2:4). There all kinds of people who come to church and some even join.  That is God's act of grace for hurting people (Matthew 11:28-30).  It is not until seekers get to church and study God's word that they understand that we are all a work in progress!  Not one single person in the church has reached perfection but the true Christian holds to the promise that one day our imperfect lives will become so (Romans 7:21-25; Phil. 1:6).

­čĹ┐All Preachers are Pimps and Prosperity Seekers!

At one time in our Black American experience, preachers were the most upstanding and respected people in the community.  They were the most revered if not the most educated because of their knowledge of God's word. This is what made them significant among the masses!  Did you miss that I did not say they were the most prosperous? They weren't!  Genuine preachers and pastors, like true Christians are defamed by the antics of false ones! And these are the ones that get media attention! This is no different than in the early church.  See what the Apostle Peter wrote in the first century:

1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. 2 And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; 3 and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. 4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment; (2Peter 2:1-4)

You don't have to worry about preachers who are not what they appear to be, just be discerning of where you place your family in worship and fellowship. Choosing not to attend church is a win-win for the Enemy. He keeps you from contributing your support to the good ones and allows the unfaithful ones to grow in their influence (Hebrews 10:24-25; 13:17).

­čĹ┐Christians are Haters and Out of Touch with Society!

I don't know one true Christian who is unaware of the good or the evil residing in our world today!
How could we miss it?  In some we ways we may seem like an old relic desiring the simple and less chaotic modes of living, but Haters we're not!  It is our peculiarity that actually makes us who we are (I Peter 2:9).  People have been seeking special knowledge and enlightenment for centuries.  They've wondered how we came to be and what lies beyond the known. But most of all they want to know where they fit in! As Christians we have the answer and it's in God's word! We hold the truth and that's why our words, our lifestyles, our prayers and encouragement and  most of all our love for others compels us to speak out!  Even though we are misunderstood and persecuted when we do so (I Peter 3:15) 

The Church is not something you go to,
 its a family you belong to.

 As a Family, we need to learn to equip ourselves to battle Satan and his lies.  It is in the Truth of God's word where we find our power.  It is in Unity that our strength is magnified, and it is the Church that we find the courage to continue to fight for it all!


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Monday, April 30, 2018

THE POWER OF FAMILY Series: Our Children!

Children are a heritage from
the LORD, offspring a reward
from Him. ( Ps. 127:3)
Satan hates women! Let's take the lid off a well-kept secret.  The devil reserves a special hatred for women. We know he hates all mankind.  but he has a particular animosity against women...

Satan does not like the fact that women can have children. 
He hates our ability to reproduce...  

When we do conceive, he will try to devour our children before they are born.  After they are born, he will do all he can to make the children we have ineffective against him.  He will use our children to cause us some of our greatest pain.  If he does not succeed there he will persecute us as women just because we bring children into the world. (Excerpts from book: Chosen Vessels: Women of Color Keys To Change by Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo, DaBar Services, Detroit, MI)

In a previous blog I stated that our enemy, Satan is doing everything possible to destroy the family (John10:10).  Why? Because godly families are a powerful threat to him and his minions and on earth they reflect the glorious image of the Godhead! Thus, he strategically targets first, the husband and wife to scheme upon and then moves on to the children!

You don't have to be a bible scholar to see that the Devil is trying to take our children out! Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually!  What is most devastating to me is to watch the ways he is turning them away from the Truth of God's Word and toward the insidious darkness of self-destruction!  (Prov. 14:12 -There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death).  

In most of the conversations I've had concerning this sad commentary, fingers immediately point toward the parents!  True, many children are suffering from poor parenting skills and a culture that reinforces, even glorifies, their irresponsibility and spiritual neglect.  But can you blame a house that falls down for its leaky roof, rotten beams, or broken windows?  These are structural things that can be easily repaired.  But what can you do with a  faulty foundation?  Unless it is fixed no cosmetic work you do on or around the surface will last!

I believe that's what psychologists, politicians, and even some misguided social scientists have been trying to do.  Do a Makeover of the family without addressing the crumbling or in some cases non-existent foundation.  Our children deserve better and there's enough blame to go around for everyone!!  Let's look at some tools needed to offset the damage:

Quality Time with Your Children  - Deuteronomy 6:6-8 
And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.
Children today are pacified with electronics and entertainment. These have become baby-sitters for tired, overworked, and sometimes selfish parents.  But what children really want is time with  with their mothers and fathers!  Time not "doing" but just "being" with them.  They want to feel that you are listening to them, care about them, actually want to be with them. 

The greatest life lessons producing godly living is not necessarily taught in church, but in the home.  As the above scripture says, powerful tools for living are sharpened as you talk, and walk with them.  During a meal shared or at bedtime.  Children need quite and calmness in their life! Our culture overstimulates them.  Parents need time to train, discipline, and model God's best for them. A good parent knows that there is a time to Shut the World out...and Let God In!

Communicating in the Language of Love! - I Corinthians 13:1
13 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

Would it surprise you to know that some children rarely hear a positive word from their parents?  We must learn how to communicate wisely with our children.  Adjusting not only our tone but choosing the right words in the right way to make what we say count! 

Gary Chapman, author of the renown, Five Love Languages, has expanded his principles to help parents teach children how to properly give and receive love.  One, I've already mentioned - Quality Time.  The next two, Acts of Service and Gifts are intuitive.  But, the ones I think relate well to the topic of communication are Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch.  Proverbs 18:21 says that Death and life is in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. 

Children generally believe what their parents tell them, until we show them different! If we tell them they are smart, valuable, and loved, then demonstrate it with consistency they will hold onto that image of themselves.  However, the same is true for the opposite.  Belonging, Love, and Esteem rank high on Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory.  The Bible ranks it high too!  Subsequent verses in I Corinthians 13 tell us that faith, hope, and love is important to the growth to any person but the greatest of the three is love! (vs. 13)
Shaping their Spirituality - Proverbs 22:6, 2 Timothy 3:5; Ephesians 6:4, Deut. 6:6-9
Here are a few practical ways you can lay a strong foundation of healthy spirituality in your children's life:
--Pray, not just for them, but with them - communicating our hearts to our heavenly Father is one of the most personal, intimate, and beneficial things we can do while here on earth.

--Challenge them to read and memorize God's Word - This will help them understand more about God's lavish love for them.

--Model forgiveness - By all means, hold your children accountable for their actions. 
(Reprint from EMBC bible study: Strengthening Parents and Children Relationship, October 24, 2007)
Summary:  The Bible is the Antidote for Satan's Poisonous Arrows Destroying Families
  • The answer to divorce, infidelity, and same-sex marriage is respecting and honoring God's design for marriage.
  • The answer to the gang affiliations, gun violence, and mind altering cults is Quality Time empowering children for success (Bible reading and study, instituting boundaries, and showing unconditional love.)
  • The answer to promiscuity and unwed pregnancy is Affirmation of your child's worth that teaches them that their body is a precious gift to be treasured and preserved for marriage 
  • The answer to drug use and pornography is embodying for non-Christians the biblical definition of love, intimacy, and God-ordained expressions for experiencing pleasure.


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The Power of Family Series Continues: Target Three: Our Church!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The POWER of FAMILY Series: The Husband and Wife!

For this reason I bow my knee
before the Father, from whom
every family in heaven and
and earth is named.
(Ephesians 3:14-15)
They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes! Few and in great numbers! We don't often get a chance to choose them and when irritated, try hard to deny them! But each member is a necessary contributor to the essence of who we really are!

What am I talking about?  FAMILY!

I just spent a wonderful time with a Sister Niece (one who is more sister than niece) from Illinois last week and it got me thinking about how powerful familial connections are to a person's total well being, i.e. emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

In the Garden of Eden after preparing everything needed for His creations, God said to Adam: It is not good for man to be alone, (Genesis 2:18). Voila!  Along comes Eve,  the mother of all living beings and they became progenitor of what we call family!   It is the first institution established in the world and done right, sets the foundation for every relationship one will ever have in life!

That being said, it should not surprise you that we're barely out of Eden when we find the family under violent attack!  Adam and Eve's son, Cain filled with jealousy kills his brother Abel over a preferred sacrifice and its downhill from there!  Families are STILL under attack today and rife with violence! Sometime from within and often externally.

Our enemy, Satan is doing everything possible to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) God's ideal for the family.  He's on a campaign to viciously wipe out any godly vestige of it in our current culture and on many levels, appears to be winning. Why is the family unit such a formidable target? Because he fears the strength and unity that resides within it when used to the glory of God! Shrewdly he undermines its definition.   Then its authority.   Finally, its purpose as he preys upon the vulnerability of each family member:

Target One: Husband and Wife - Understanding Headship

If you want to defeat an Enemy cut off his head!  The rest will implode from sheer chaos!  When a husband and wife ceases to present a united front, the entire family is at risk. God has put into the human flesh a unique and complex being-the male and female gender (Gen. 1:28).  Each was made intentionally with specific personalities, responsibilities, roles, and modus operandi(ways of doing things).

These entities were designed to reflect the holiness of God; to keep the family secure, and to reflect authority as in The Trinity.   In the Christian family it is called headship. When this Divine Design is embraced in obedience to God (Ephesians 5:21-29) the plan works!  But abuse of this authority or rebellion against it creates a perfect climate for evil infiltration and painful consequences.

Perhaps you were like me
.  Nearly fifty years ago when I said I Do to my husband; I had no idea that as a Christian I was agreeing to the Biblical View of Marriage.  Heck, I didn't even know what it was! So you can imagine things got pretty rocky and confusing!  Now that the Holy Spirit has enlightened me and Experience has tempered me I find it less confusing but at times still difficult!

This is not news to God! After the fall of mankind into sin, headship became it's first casualty! A simplistic interpretation of Genesis 3:16 is this: Because of sin, woman will have the urge to oppose, control, and go against her husband and the man will rule over her in ways that are sometimes harsh and inappropriate. (excerpt from A Vision for Biblical Womanhood: The Desire to Control, Nancy Leigh Demoss Wolgemuth, Revive our Hearts) 

Often described as the Battle of the Sexes, it is really an engagement of conflict in what is call ed Spiritual Warfare. It is here the enemy exploits our sinful desires of pride, power, and superior knowledge to put a wedge between the head and his home and thus alienate the entire family from God's authority in their lives.

It is an ancient military strategy but works well against those who are ignorant of its devices.  That's why the bible uses a military term to defeat it and safe guard the family.  A Greek word found in Ephesians 5: Strong's #5293 - hupotasso (pronounced hoop-ot-as'-so) from 5259 and 5021' meaning to subordinate, reflexively, to obey; be under obedience (obedient); to rank under authority. To subject or to submit.

This word submission is dreaded by most women as being prohibitive, but when studied and taught correctly describes a mutuality of respect and honor.  Everyone submits: husband to God, wife to husband, children to parents; government to God, church to elders, etc.  It is a beautiful picture of the Holy Trinity bringing blessings of unity, peace, and efficiency in these relationships.  (See Ephesians 5, Romans 13, and  Hebrews 13)

The Enemy hates the unity that man and woman in sync with God and each other represents. Not only in marriage but in other areas as well. It shows God's original intent of beauty and order for this world and Satan as you know is the author of confusion.

Whether it is the cultivation of the egalitarian mindset of feminists espousing equality with power! Or the cultural popularity of same sex, polygamy, and cohabitation devaluing the sanctity of marriage; Satan diligently seeks ways to divide us!  Much of what has become media hot topics or cultural debates, like the gender issue are nothing more than a ploy to make God's truth trivial and is a push for acceptability with no accountability.  In other words, provide a distraction to diffuse the Power of Family!  Don't buy into it!  Let's not bow down to the Altar of Self.  Gird your loins with the truth and prepare for the fight of your life!


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The Power of Family Series Continues: Target Two: Our Children - A Heritage of the Lord!

Monday, March 26, 2018

BIG Inspiration from SMALL Packages!!!

It is like a mustard seed...
though it is smaller than all
the seeds...grows up and
becomes greater than all herbs..
(Mark 4:31-32)
We've had an unusual entry into Spring!  Two snow falls in one week (one breaking records at nine inches) and all within days of the official First Day of Spring posted on calendars.

Even so, I'm in a Spring Time State of Mind!  Like many of you, I look forward to more pleasant weather and the beauty of new blossoms God promises.   But if you just can't wait, let me share something that might jump start you into the light and hope this season brings.

Two things have weighed on my mind as we transition from winter. First, I wanted to recognize the achievements of women before leaving the month of March, Women's History Month and second, I wanted to help prepare hearts for Resurrection Sunday, coming up in just a very few days!  Thankfully, I found appropriate and timely inspiration for both this past weekend!

Nationally, on March 24th, men, women, boys, and girls of all colors were making history.  They were participating in March For Our Lives, a protest against increasing gun violence in America and a plea for gun control. Its epicenter was our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. but other marches were held simultaneously all over the U.S. with a few countries abroad. I've been on a 40 day television fast but my smart phone prompted me to this important news flash.  When I read the promo for  11year old Naomi Wadler's speech at the March, I just had to give it a listen (click on the link below).

March For Our Lives Naomi Wadler Speech

This eloquently spoken, Nubian princess, articulated her concern for the safety of her generation in a way that grabbed not only media attention, but people everywhere affected emotionally or personally by gun violence. It showed the core of youth activism that became the catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, The Voting Rights Acts, and the Anti-War Protests of our time. How appropriate that Martin Luther King, Jr.'s granddaughter, 9 year old Yolanda Renee King also spoke.  Her dream?  Enough is enough, this should be a gun-free world!  BE STILL MY HEART!  Each of these little girls made me proud to be a woman and an American!

On a much smaller stage (no pun intended), was a brief interview I did with a dynamic Christian Sister from my church, Amber Smith.  I invited her to be my guest at a teachers/leaders training on Personalization (Be Personal). It was designed to help Church folks get accustomed to loving, ministering to, and serving with people who do not look like ourselves.  These exceptional human beings (I prefer that word over special needs) are often ignored and treated as if they have no place in the body of Christ!

Amber, is a woman of short-stature. Other politically correct terms would be Little person, dwarf, or LP.  The word midget is highly offensive.  She has a form of dwarfism called hypochondroplasia. But Amber will tell you as she told us, no labels are really needed.  Simply refer to her as: A beautiful black little woman!  She is the mother of two girls (one short stature), and has a testimony of trials, wounds, and challenges in life that would humble the majority of us!

Her childhood was traumatic. She was bullied as both a child and an adult and suffered the heartbreak of personal and family relationships. She continues to be the victim of rude and insensitive remarks, yet Amber is overcoming it all!  She is tiny and shy but finding her way out of her shell to tell a story we all need to hear!  Her love for Christ and testimony of faith along with the affirmation of her children (they think she's the bomb) was the highlight of the day!

Musing over these ladies, I begin to think afresh about the call of the Prophet Jeremiah:

"I knew you before I formed you in the womb; 

I set you apart for me before you were born; I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5)

I came to this conclusion:

God makes no mistakes!! (Ps. 145:17)  He knew exactly what He was doing when He created you (Ephes. 2:10).  Stop complaining about not meeting the expectations or models of this world or even those we impose upon ourselves (Isaiah 45:9).  The potential for greatness is in us all (Psalms 139: 14-16).  God has a marvelous plan for everything we go through.  We must remain faithful (Jeremiah 29:11).

As we approach RESURRECTION SUNDAY, Celebrate with Joy!

There IS still HOPE and INSPIRATION in this world.  Look for it no matter how SMALL it may be.   When you find it APPRECIATE IT .... FOR IT JUST MAY BE FOUND IN YOU!!!!


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Sunday, March 4, 2018


"How beautiful are the feet
of those who bring good news
of good things. (Rom. 10:5b)
It's been a rough week!  Nearly ten days into a 40 day fast,  my husband came down with a terrible cough keeping us both up at night. The changes in my diet and from kicking television cold turkey (my personal sacrifice) was reaping great benefits, but  still having its effects on me.  And on top of it all he decided to undertake a minor bathroom project, that's still going on and is turning out to be a real nightmare!

Between the lack of sleep, lack of privacy (plumber in and out all day) and the Enemy putting his two-cents in wherever he could, our house was so tense and thick with emotions that the smallest spark would have set us all off in a blaze of flames!

Even with time spent in prayer, bible reading, and meditation, I still found myself wondering if maybe somewhere I got it wrong!  Perhaps the single life was God's perfect plan for me after all! I mean that's got to be better than dealing with all the stress and attitude I've been getting all week!

Singles have it made (I said)!  They have no one to listen to but the Lord.  They don't have to think about what to say or not to say before talking, so as not to stir up Mr. Grumpy Pants! And they can spend all the time they want going, serving, and doing all those wonderful things for the Lord!

And then, out of the blue a question came to me...What if this marriage is your mission field and your life, the gospel? Well, to be truthful, if it is, I now know why John Mark left the mission field in Acts 13:13!  Honestly, that's where I was emotionally!  But then I began to give
this some real thought.  Marriage is, in many ways, a mission field for wives!  Think about it!
  • A Missionary is specifically called of God for a distinct ministry.  The Grecian verb for missionary is apostello, the same word we get apostle meaning sent one!  Now I never considered myself an apostle in my own marriage but why not! 
           Proverbs 18:22 says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from 
        the Lord. Now consider James 1:17, Every good and perfect gift comes from above...,
          thus, I think it not too much of a stretch to believe that every good wife is one sent from 
        the Lord!  Sounds like an apostle to me! And what is more distinct (recognizably 
        different) in ministry than that of marriage?
  • A Missionary's duties are dependent upon the Word of God and Prayer. And we shall give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4). Listen, if you can get through marriage without these two, I need to come talk to you! To be a Christian wife and be faithful to the standards that God has given us without the Word and Prayer is an impossibility.  Wives are to be submissive! (Ephes. 5:22)  Wives are to serve! (I Peter 3:5-6)  Wives are helpers! (Gen. 2:18)  Wives are to be self-controlled and pure! (Titus 2:3-5)  To be faithful sexual partners! (I Cor. 7:5)  And these are only a few!
  • A Missionary's life is one of sacred sacrifice that often endures hostility. As wife to a non-Christian or even a spiritually immature husband you might find yourself dealing with jealousy,  even hostility toward the things of God simply because of ignorance (2 Corin. 2:14). In such cases, it does you no good to try to beat the bible into your husband but it's better to live the Gospel out every day, no matter what the cost! (I Peter 3:1). In this way you are very much like a missionary.  Going out winning the world for Christ while your unbelieving husband is going to hell, wins you no prizes with the Lord! 
As a woman of a certain age, who sometimes find marriage more challenging than I like, I'm beginning to find comfort in the spiritual insight that God provides (If I let Him!) Singles appreciate the freedoms you have to do for God everything your heart desires! Married ladies appreciate the years of service you have given not only to the Lord but to your family.  We have much to find satisfaction in for God's grace has given us dual blessings!!! In this way too, we are like some missionaries, serving bi-vocationally the Lord and our husbands! In any case remember the words of Paul: As a prisoner of God, I beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called. (Ephesians 4:1)


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Monday, February 19, 2018

There's A Future After FAILURE!

"And he went out and wept
bitterly" (Luke 22:62)
In my last post, I shared with you my desire to become all that God wants me to be!  My pastor's current sermon series:  Being Brutally Honest, has given me much to pray about while on this path.  One in particular,  maintaining a pure heart was eye-opening (Matthew 5:8).  As I examined my own heart, I wasn't totally surprised with what I discovered... but it was quite sobering.

You see, like some of you, I suffer from atychiphobia (fear of failure).  Yep! I finally found a name for my obsession with details, over preparation, and the level of frustration I experience when things don't quite turn out the way I want.  Especially, when in most cases, care was taken to cover all the bases and I thought I had anticipated every need! 

My ministry philosophy for more than three decades has been, My excellency for Christ Who does all things well (Mark 7:37). That coupled with this warning: Not many of you should become teachers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness (James 3:1-2) has set me on over drive.  So much so that I put too much emphasis on verse 1 and not enough on verse 2.  For we all stumble in many ways.  And if anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle his whole body.

The stumbling part, a confession of error, as one bible commentator put it, was what I was trying to avoid. But today, I thank God for revelation! God CAN use imperfect people and imperfect situations to accomplish His will!  Sisters, I've decided to cut myself some slack the next time I perceive that something is a failure!

Perhaps you should do the same. I'm learning that: (a) Perfection does not equal good character! If my motives are not right, and to get things just so, I must offend or alienate someone; I should fear my own character flaws rather than any flaws in the task!

(b) My personal worth is not measured by how many times I fail!  Nathan Chen, USA figure skater in this year's Olympic, had a terrible showing, his first two rounds of free-styling. Yet he came back the third time with more determination and performed with such finesse and skill that his two other failures became nothing more than sports anecdotes.  God doesn't expect perfection, only progress toward the end goal of spirituality!

(c) The bible is filled with people who failed and failed miserably only to be heralded as men and women of great faith!  The Apostle Peter readily comes to mind. How many times did he have to swallow his prideful words when tested only to find himself inadequate! Denying our Lord, not once but three times in the high priest's courtyard (Luke 22:54-62).  Yet, before Christ's ascension He restored him to full apostleship in good standing (John 21:15-25).

So dear ones, I'm telling myself Get Over Yourself and put that atychiphobia in check! Failure is not the end!  In many cases it is the necessary means to assure that God gets all the glory and I stay dependent on Him.  Learning how to fail is the key to being joyful in success!


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Monday, February 5, 2018

Becoming MORE of Who You Already ARE!!

 "His divine  power has granted
us all things that pertain to
life and godliness...(2 Peter 1:3)
The year 2018 is already showing wonderful possibilities for the Saints at my church! We're being challenged corporately to Become all that God would have us to be! (Psalms 1:1) This is our church theme for the year and of course spiritual growth is the ultimate goal!  (2 Peter 3:18)

It has been declared boldly, through sermons, prayers, and bible studies that this is not the time for nominal Christianity. We must live out our faith in Christ, both passionately and vibrantly! How else can we expect to make a difference in this increasingly dark world.

This whole concept of Becoming, speaks to change and deliberate movement toward an end. These are two things that most of us are not especially comfortable.  It is so easy to become complacent with Sunday morning religion isn't it? Put on a little Jesus once a week, come home, eat, and forget about Him until next Sunday!  Easy but no longer efficient!  We need MORE to survive these turbulent last days. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) But as the accompanying quote to this blog states: Life isn't about getting more. It's about becoming more! [end of quote] Becoming More of Who You Already Are!

God's Word assures of that we can and will change if we have a sincere faith in Jesus Christ.  From the moment of salvation our raison d'├¬tre (reason for being) is to conform to the image of our Lord (Romans 8:29) -- to become more like our Savior! This is not a hopeless task! We have a Helper, the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) and His divine power has granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us to His own glory and excellence. (2 Peter 1:3)

I read once a great illustration that described the difference between a costume and a uniform and in our case, some who call themselves Christians:

A costume is something you put on and pretend that you are what you are wearing.   A uniform reminds you that you are in fact what you wear!  Often we need to be reminded that in Christ:

1. WE ARE a new creation (2 Corin. 5:17)

2. WE ARE no longer slaves to our past but Heirs to the kingdom of God (Gal. 4:7)

3. WE ARE bought with a price and every part of you is precious (I Corin.  6:19)

4. WE ARE Salt and Light in this evil world (Matt. 5: 13-14)

5. WE ARE more than conquerors and can live victoriously (Rom. 8:37)

Living Holy is not about how much you tithe, how often you go to church, and calculating every good deed you've done since salvation.  It is the knowledge of knowing that YOU ARE fully equipped and motivated to become more of who you already are in Christ (Ephes. 2:10).


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