Monday, December 11, 2017

Seeking CHRIST at Christmas!

Christmas feels different this year.  At least for me.  So much devastation has taken place over the past  months.  Families are still reeling from the effects of loss during the hurricanes; fires are raging in the west, and political upheavals and scandals abound!

My Christmas cards and decorations are still in the storage bin, packed away neatly from last year and although the overabundance of store ads on television; in the newspapers, and even on my phone try to lure me to shop; I'm just not moved by any of it!

 The idea of supplying others with  more of what they already have doesn't give me the kick it used to. There are just so many  true needs that I see! Mind you, this is NOT the holiday blahs or depression that's evident this time of year!  I still have the Joy of Jesus!  I'm just yearning for something more! Maybe you are too!

In reading Isaiah 9:6, I think I've found what that is!  Seems really hard to miss when you think about it but isn't that the strategy of our Enemy?  To divert our attention from the worship of the Savior and instead waste time on self-indulgence and materialism?  The Magi of the Old Testament felt this same compulsion to seek not only something but Someone better than what they had grown accustomed to! 

They had all the riches one could hope for: gold, expensive perfumes, finery and gifts only enjoyed by the wealthy. They were endowed with wisdom and basked in the respect and accolades of the masses. Gained audiences with kings and queens; ate sumptuously at their tables and was held in high esteem. Yet something felt different as they studied the stars thousands of years ago!  Something that was worth a journey to the other side of the world to check out (Matt. 2:7, 13-15). Thankfully, we don't have to go that far. We have access right at our finger tips.  All we have to do is embrace the CHRIST of Christmas right now, especially in THIS season!  Find Him Dear Sisters, no matter how hard the world tries to distract you. 

  • Seek CHRIST in His Presence not temporal presents!  For to us a Son is given...
  • Seek CHRIST in His Sovereignty not corrupt politics!  and the government shall be on His shoulders...
  • Seek CHRIST in His Wisdom not faulty advice! and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor...
  • Seek CHRIST in His Power not worthless policies! Mighty God...
  • Seek CHRIST in His Protection not changing social programs! Everlasting Father...
  • Seek CHRIST in His Promises not vain boastings! Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
(Jeremiah 29:3)

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