Sunday, November 22, 2015

If You're Thankful...JUST SAY SO!

Let the redeemed of the Lord say this...
(Psalms 107:2)
Here it is, another Thanksgiving Day fast approaching and what do I see? Neighbors pulling down Halloween decorations and frantically putting Christmas trees and lights up!  I've boycotted my favorite television channel, Hallmark this month because all they have been airing are Christmas movies.   Each day the newspaper gains an extra pound or two with ads for Black Friday! Gee Whiz, I haven't even bought my turkey yet!


A better question might be what has happened to us Giving Thanks, period.  Not  just to God for His bountiful blessings, but just saying thank you in general!  When someone holds the door for you as you enter a building, Thank you!  The bag boy at the store puts your groceries in the shopping cart and sometimes even pushes it to the parking lot,  Thank you!  At a crowded gas station, a customer motions you to a newly freed up pump, Thank you!  And how rare is it to hear a child say Thank you, for any gift or kindness extended to them...too many parents have ripped the page on Common courtesy, right out of the Parenting book!

A few days ago, my pastor shared his vision and our church's theme for 2016, Back to The Basics, and I am so excited! I think everyone should start by stop complaining and just start being grateful! With so much going on in the world today surely we can feel it!  But this bit of encouragement is so important for those of us who name Christ as our Savior.  We've GOT to exhibit an Attitude of Gratitude.  THE WORLD NEEDS OUR WITNESS! (Matt. 5:13-17)

Psalms 107:1-2  from Eugene Peters, Message translations says this:

Oh, thank God- He's so good!
His love never runs out.
All of you set free by God, tell the world!
Tell how He freed you from oppression,
Then rounded you up from all over the place,
from the four winds, from the seven seas.

Let's pause a moment and think about where we used to be and what used to hold us in bondage and  simply say Thank You! When you sit across the table from your loved ones and there's a plate missing...still say Thank you for all the great memories! Before you put one morsel of that wonderful dinner in your  mouth, bow your head reverently and remember so many who have not or can not eat this day, and say Thank you!  JUST BE THANKFUL! LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD....SAY SO!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you alittlewiser and thank you for this blog. Many of your posts have been encouraging and made me examine my walk with the Lord. Thank You

  2. Praise God, I hope your Thanksgiving was all you hoped it would be. Please know that with each blog I write, a thorough personal cleansing precedes it! Thanks for your support.