Sunday, July 6, 2014


The Power of the Tongue (Prov. 18:21)

If you're a fan of riddles, here's a good one for you!  Often held but never touched, always wet but never rusts, often bites but seldom bit, to use me well you must have wit... What am I?

Okay, that's a pretty easy one.  Did you guess that it was the tongue?  Riddles and jokes are fun past times if you're in the mood for games and such.  But let me tell you what isn't funny.  Being attacked by a Toxic Sister with a vicious tongue!

The word tongue occurs 129 times in the bible. Forty-nine times in the wisdom books of Psalms and Proverbs.   I guess that's why in the above riddle it says, to use it well you must have wit. A skillful, clever, and perceptive way to express oneself.  It makes sense then that throughout God's word He cautions us about the powerful results that can come from a single utterance! (James 3: 1-11)

In past posts, I've written about the power we women possess.  The power of influence, wisdom, and beauty all wrapped up in that elusiveness that drives men crazy--our femininity! No doubt about it, God gave us something special.  Something that He didn't give to men, but there's one other thing He gave women. Something that can be potentially wonderful or potentially lethal, the Power to Wound!

Lisa Bevere in her book, Fight Like a Girl, The Power of Being a Woman writes:

  I thought again of the differences between boys and girls.  I believe women are more intimately connected at many levels with their emotions.  This is often a vulnerability with men, who are not as emotionally wired as women.  This would mean we women have the capacity to wound men like no other because we have the ability to access an intimate target... the heart.  I have to be honest--in the story of my life, I have been disappointed in men, but I have been wounded by women. 

Wounded by women, she says and what do you think is the favorite weapon?  The tongue of course! Honey, if using our tongues was a martial art...we'd all be Black Belts!!  It is true as Proverbs 18:21 says, Life and death is in the power of the tongue!  But we can choose to speak life!!

 According to Proverbs 18, we can:

-Speak life by loving instead of gossiping or starting rumors about our sisters! (8, 17, 18, 21)

-Speak life by complementing a sister instead of boasting of our own accomplishments (12, 20)

-Speak life by avoiding bickering, fighting with each other using angry words (2, 6, 7, 18, 19)

-Speak life by showing wisdom and compassion (4, 13, 14)

 In addition to speaking life to others, speak life to yourself!  It is not prideful to affirm in yourself God's gifts of talents, service, and personality if you're using them to help others.  If He has shown you favor don't wallow in His goodness share it with others and give Him the glory!

Sisters in Christ, Let's Unite in Stamping Out Toxic Sisters who tear down instead of build up other sisters!  That discourage instead of encourage when they see another Sister doing well.  Let's unite and celebrate God's goodness together not with a chosen few.  Speak Life!  Speak it Now!  And Speak it Continually!

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