Monday, July 18, 2016

ANGRY AMERICA: Four Possible Reasons!!

Be Angry, but sin not... (Eph. 4:25-27)
Traveling home from a jubilant family reunion yesterday, my husband and I decided to check out recent news accounts for the day. Expecting to hear more rhetoric surrounding the upcoming presidential election we were saddened to learn of another police shooting! First Dallas policemen and now Baton Rouge policemen have been killed.  We were saddened, but not shocked!!

We live in an angry world!!!  And where there's anger there will always be violence!  I entitled this post, Angry America, but ask the people in France, Syria, North Korea, West Africa, or anywhere in the Middle East! Somebody, somewhere with access to an assault weapon is Mad as H*** and they are not taking it any more!!  And that somebody may be living next door to you!!!

This is not just a domestic issue it's happening world wide.  It's not just a race, political or religious issue--it's a SIN issue and the only way we're going to get through this is looking at the situation through spiritual eyes!  

So,  Why are so many people angry?  Biblical Counselor, June Hunt from the radio program, Hope For The Heart, gives four reasons people become angry.  I've added a bit of spiritual insight of my own regarding recent events to broaden the perspective:

Reason One:  HURT - Hurting people, hurt other people! Our world is filled with people in pain.  Emotionally, Physically, and most of all Spiritually.

Reason Two: INJUSTICE - One politician uses as his campaign slogan, Let's Make America Great Again!  Sorry fella!  For some folks, America's legacy for justice has never been that great!  Our soil still seeps from the blood of the Native Americans, Black Africans disenfranchised of land and rights, and reeks with the mistreatment of Asian Americans, Mexicans and poor people of every color who help to build this capitalistic society.

Reason Three - FEAR- September 11 catapulted this country into an era of fear that we are still feeling.  It shook some folks in privileged positions to their financial core.  The election of a Black president, almost pushed them over the edge---WHY? Fear of a Shift in POWER!  When Abuse of Power has been accepted and beneficial for decades and has become part of our country's DNA, threat of its loss will drive people to extreme measures of every kind.

Reason Four - FRUSTRATION - For many years we in America have been holding out for The American Dream, We were told that if you worked hard, became more educated and lived as a Model citizen that no good thing would be denied you.  Your color didn't matter, your economic background didn't matter.  Every body had an equal chance to become successful and prosperous!  The American Dream became merely a Pipe Dream!  Because we put our faith and trust in man rather than God!  One poet said that, dreams deferred can fester like a sore, stink like rotten meat but sometimes it EXPLODES!

As a Christians you may be angry too!  Some are saying that praying is not enough, we need to get involved and force the powers to be to deal with the situation, but really is that the solution?   I've given you four reasons to be angry now listen to four ways to deal with it! 

Be angry, and do not sin.
Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. 
Psalms 4:4 :(NKJV)


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  1. The world seems "touchy" ready for explosion. Psalms 4:4 is perfect. Looking forward to reading more of what God is sharing with you.

  2. Oh so "touchy" my sister and it's only going to get worse! As old folks used to say, "it's praying time!" Thanks for reading.