Monday, August 15, 2016

The Divine Exchange!!

God made Him who had no
sin to be sin for us...(2 Cor. 5:21)
When's the last time you've had the occasion to exchange something at the store?  Perhaps thinking back you recall standing in the long service desk line, receipt and item in hand hoping that what you really wanted is in stock and in the desired size and color!

No matter how courteous the clerk, going through the process is STILL a big pain!! (Returns require you to have not only the receipt for the purchased item, but show I.D. ; fill out paper work and sign)  The whole deal has cost you something!  Your time, gas, change in plans or at the very least, a bit of irritation!   Rarely if ever can you say when it's done that you got a perfectly good deal from it all!

Yet, there is an exchange you can opt for that you actually get more out of it, than what you started with!  It is one in which you trade Death for Eternal life!!  Theologians  call it Imputation.  I like to think of it as,  The Divine Exchange!   You bring your old sinful life to God in repentance and He gives you the righteousness (holiness) of Christ!

In shopping language (the language most women thoroughly understand) without any means to pay for this wonderful Gift of Salvation, God credits the entire cost  (Christ's holiness) to the believer's account and charges our debt (sin) to Christ! ( Romans 3:24-26) Both parties are fully satisfied!  We never receive a bill but reap all the benefits of the Gift.  The only thing you need to do is  Believe that it is so!  Now that's a good deal!!

If you are a Believer, it is easy to take this exchange for granted.  We sing the song, Amazing Grace, but do you really know just how Amazing it truly is?  Take some time to read the following and praise Him anew.  If you're Not a Believer consider how you might try this new Fail Safe plan: 


--It is  God's I-DEA, no other plan will work (Rom. 3:25)

--God I-NITIATES the first move.  Only in Christianity does God come to man to offer peace!
  (John 3:16-17)

--God chooses the I-DEAL sacrifice.  Sin MUST be paid for (Rom. 6:26) What price does God require? Only Perfection!! (Heb. 9:14 and 10:14)

Did you notice the boldface "I's" above?  Man has nothing to do with it! That's a good thing, because any other exchange you'd try for Peace with God would fail!  Not your good deeds, moral living, church attendance, or charitable donations would be nearly enough.

Why not bring those fleeting feel-good moments of  False Spirituality to the Cross of Christ for a Sure-fire, confidence of a life of freedom and eternal security! No Lines and No Receipts Needed....Everything is PAID IN FULL!


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