Monday, April 14, 2014


JESUS: Lily of the Valley
Holy Week began yesterday, Palm Sunday. Christians all over the world are remembering Christ's last days on earth.  I too am remembering.  That's why this morning I revisited the bible's account of our Lord's last week before His death: Monday, He cleansed the temple (John 2:12-22).  Tuesday, He preached on Mt. Olive (Matt. 25).  Wednesday, we have no accounting.  But on Thursday, He outed both Judas and Peter at the Last Supper (John 13:18-38) and then endured seven mock trials before dying on Friday!  Talking about a busy week!!

But there's a back story to these events. One that grabbed my heart much like the way it did our Savior.   Mary of Bethany, the quiet and unassuming sister of Lazarus and Martha with only a few simple gestures endeared herself forever to Christ (Matt. 26:13).  Hopefully, you will feel the same when you hear her story.

We first meet Mary on one of Jesus' visits to Jerusalem (Luke 10:38-42). While Martha was busy serving, Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet. You see Mary was hungry too, in fact starving for the Word!  Nothing else mattered.  Christ understood that and Martha was quickly rebuked when she complained.  Next we find her sitting quietly amid wailing women grieving over Lazarus' death while Martha confronts Jesus about His tardiness (John 11:1-20; 28-33; 45). It was Mary's quiet faith that sustained her and her tears that moved Him emotionally. She knew her Lord would not disappoint! But then during Holy week, probably Tuesday, again Martha served while Mary did what she knew how to do best--adore and adorn Christ. She took expensive perfume and anointed His feet and dried them with her hair, exchanging a woman's crowning glory for His divine (John 12:1-8).  Christ defends her once more as she is accused of wasting money.  A WASTE???  At least three times (13 times recorded in the gospels) Christ predicted His death and not ONE disciple got it, they were too busy!  Mary did!  She knew this was the last chance she'd get to show her love!  Let's not make the same mistake!

As you shop, cook, and prepare for Resurrection Sunday, remember the three things Mary taught us today:

1.  Christ is the BREAD OF LIFE, our spiritual food  (John 6:48)
2.  Christ is the GOOD SHEPHERD, He clothes us in righteousness (John 10:14)
3.  Christ is the RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE, life is eternal in Him (John 11:25)

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