Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Secret

Growing up poor, it was natural to have a chronic case of the I wants!  There never seemed to be enough of the essentials of life, let alone luxury items.  Every magazine, television program, and newspaper ad I saw reminded me of what I didn't have.  Yet, God taught me over the years through life experiences--good and bad--that contentment is not in what you have but in Who you have!  That's what Christ was saying in Luke 12:15-21 in the Parable  of The Rich Fool.  It was what the Apostle Paul meant when he wrote from his jail cell, I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances (Philippians 4:11).

Your possessions do not define who you are!  Neither can your job, credentials nor popularity among peers give you true contentment.  This comes only from the realization that within every child of God a tremendous Power is constantly at work.  A Power that brings great gains of spiritual value (I Timothy 6:6-8).  One has to look no further than the trendy reality shows aired weekly to see the error of this worldly thinking.   You can be a rich housewife in Atlanta, New York, or Orange County, it really makes no difference; wealth and status does not make those palatial homes places of harmony or happiness!

The secret of a life of contentment is the unleashing of the Holy Spirit, the power of Christ living inside of you.  With this power you can take the disappointments in life, the losses that tend to devastate even those who appear so strong, because your strength comes from a supernatural Source, the Lord (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). You have a spiritual reserve tank ready to be tapped into when everyone else thinks you're all tapped out!

Let me challenge you to re-think your current situation.  Have you been complaining, scheming, and struggling with that gnawing feeling of discontentment?  Ask God to take it away right now! Trust Him not only for today's needs but for all your tomorrows!  Instead of grumbling, praise Him for Who He is and what He is already doing in your life. He is waiting not only to meet every need but even some of your desires (Psalms 37:4). Learn the secret of contentment, a Spirit-filled life grounded in Christ!

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