Monday, October 19, 2015

TRACEY'S TRUTH: A Sad Story of a Misguided Youth!

Thought I was sort of immune to absurdities on prime time television.  Not a lot moves me emotionally any more, especially since I've been watching the Dr. Phil Show on a regular basis. You see just about everything there. But the episode he aired on Friday, October 16th  did!

The second story of the hour featuring extreme social media behavior was one about 20 year old Tracey, a beautiful black and confused young lady who thrived on negative attention she got from posting outrageous claims on the internet.

Here's an example: "I love posting crazy things just to get people's reaction," explains Tracey, who has shared details about her body, her hopes of marrying "a rich white guy," and her experience having unprotected sex on social media, for which she says she's proud she received more than 80,000 "likes." 

"I even posted I wanted to get raped just to get attention. Then, I said being raped felt amazing," she says in the video above, pointing out that her post received more than 26,000 likes and 4,000 comments. "Ninety percent of the comments were negative, but I loved it."  (Here's a video clip from the show, copy/paste address in your browser if link doesn't work)

Speaking in an exaggerated Valley Girl like cadence, she giggled and recounted her many risky exploits with sheer abandonment...except, if you looked closely you could see a sad and hurt little girl (she acted and looked much younger) that just needed someone to genuinely love her!

I  have to say, I was not impressed with the way Dr. Phil handled it.  Generally, after giving his psychological assessment of the situation, he offers free counseling or resources.  I didn't see that here at all.  After telling her that she had no self worth, no self respect, no self esteem, he left her blowing in the wind! Tracey probably left that show pretty much the way she came. And to be frank, it felt like another venue for public exploitation.  This was her TRUTH and she was determined to live it!

That's what touched me so deeply,  seeing the reality of danger from her behavior in my own personal and church family.  I kept asking myself,  where were her parents at that critical age when she was being bullying? (She did mention that her father was chronically ill and that she didn't get along with her mother--so maybe Mom's attention on caring for father left her with abandonment issues).  Where are we? I'm not placing blame but wondering, are we too, missing red flags?

My Pastor gave a thought-provoking sermon yesterday, Looking At Your House!, Joshua 24:9-15.
A Three point sermon that ought to motivate us all to action:

Point One: EXAMINE YOUR OWN HOUSE, Be a leader, speaker, commander of what goes on in your home! (vs. 14a).  Check the phones, computer cookies, nothing's off limits in your house!

Point Two: STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUR HOUSE, Stop doing what's comfortable, convenient and culturally acceptable! Excuses don't empower good behavior they enable, bad ones! (vs 15) If you find something awry, do something about it!

Point Three: MAKE A PUBLIC EXHORTATION (Declaration), Your family needs to know what will be tolerated in your house and what won't and stick to your guns!  Like Joshua and the Mama character in the movie, Raisin in the Sun,  don't be afraid to say: IN MY HOUSE, THERE IS STILL GOD!


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  1. I am enjoying your posts. I saw this episode of Dr Phil's and I too waited for him to offer her counseling.

  2. Thanks so much. I'm a bit behind checking on responses but glad you still find some value in these!

  3. I watched this episode yesterday. I felt really sad for her, she is in complete denial about her dangerous behavior and that she left the same way she walked in and didn't get any help, it did seemed like exploitation, but on the other hand, you can't do much for someone who doesn't accept any help or that doesn't even realize they need help.