Wednesday, April 29, 2020


"In those days Israel had no king,
everyone did as they saw fit." (Judges 17:6)
Today's News Headlines
    • U. S. Surpasses 1M cases for COVID-19
    • States Lift Restrictions Too Early
    • U. S. Lags Behind in Testing
    • Labs Race For A Vaccine 
At Coronavirus University we still have a  lot to learn about dealing with a pandemic.
Nope!  We aren't nearly ready for a victory celebration or achievement awards.   Hospitals are still overwhelmed.  Black Americans and the poor underserved and dying at a disproportionate rate. The media is still inciting panic and politicians are still fighting!

These are only a few known outcomes of this deadly pandemic in America.  There is so much more we don't know!  What is equally disturbing is the behavior exhibited by many the further we move along in the crisis.  Hoarding and price gouging continues. In spite of mandates for social distancing, mass gatherings and parties are still taking place.  Politics over people!  Profit over preservation of life!  It is unconscionable.


America for so long has been touted as the Promise Land of the world!  A Christian nation.  It was known as a place where anyone with skill and perseverance could live comfortably and safely.  A place of profit and opportunity.  So much so, that we attempted to close our borders (to some) in order to preserve our coveted resources.

In 2001, nineteen years ago we were furtively seeking out foreign terrorists who threatened our nation.  We found that some of the more dangerous ones were being born and bred right here. They didn't wear the traditional muslim garb, but hoods and swastikas, sported gansgsta bling, and even police uniforms!  Isn't it ironic that even with the media hype and protests that what's  getting our attention right now is a mutating bacteria, contagious, and lethal? A virus of which we have no cure or really know a lot about.

Some biblical pundits are quick to infer that Coronavirus is a sign we are entering the Tribulation Period (Seven years of worldwide devastation rife with disease, destruction and mayhem as recorded in Revelation chapters 6-18).  COVID-19, the pestilence described there.  That is not my eschatological view.  What we're seeing now I believe will be benign in comparison.

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse 
If I was to use a biblical analogy, it would be more like the cyclical events chronicled in the Book of Judges.  It is there that a nation favored by God chose to be governed by human reasoning rather than a theocracy.   That nation compromised the security of a Sovereign God and His edicts for a life of self indulgence and had to suffer the consequences.  Does this sound familiar? 

Unity in the Triune God 
In a Divine ruled government there is no bipartisanism, only perfect unity in Triunity!    No political agendas or powerful PACs pressuring for life-altering decisions.  With so much infighting between Democrats and Republicans, even at the state level, it's hard to have confidence in either party's decision-making.  Sadly, the pages of the Book of Judges is flashing before us!

 No Definitive Leadership
If you are unfamiliar with this Bible story, let me summarize its theme.  Every time Israel, God's chosen people faced a crisis, they humbled themselves,  cried out for help, and God delivered them!  Peace and prosperity was restored and the nation remained loyal to the Lord. UNTIL...they eventually returned to their old ways!!  God then allowed yet another crisis to bring them to their knees.  No leader arising to power was able to provide or sustain the consistency needed.

 Hardened Not Your Heart
The story was always the same: peace for a season; eventual back pedaling,  punishment, pleas for forgiveness and deliverance.  That was THEN but can be bank on that NOW? Do we dare test God's patience?  Is it time to get back to business as usual OR should we change the  business model altogether?  What is God saying and are we really ready to listen?!

The Coronavirus has unleashed an impressive change of attitude and goodwill among the majority during this time. Everyday I see acts of kindness and generosity that are applaudable but really should be the norm.  And as in the Book of Judges, we too have our fair share of Heroes and Sheroes stepping up to help get us through.  But there is so much more to be done. More compassion to extended and more hearts to be changed.   Will a stimulus check be enough to change our attitudes on spending? Will opening up restaurants, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment our priorities?  Hmmm!


(But don't Expect to Graduate until All Courses are Completed!)


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